Fexl - a Function Expression Language

Fexl is a simple but powerful functional scripting language. It allows you to manipulate numbers, strings, streams, and functions easily and reliably, all within a secure "sandbox". (Fexl is pronounced fex'-uhl, similar to "pixel".)

Fexl source code at GitHub Updated Tue 2023-08-15
Blog Updated Tue 2023-03-28
Fexl by Example
Technical Introduction to Fexl Updated Sun 2023-09-03
Guide to configuring a new installation
Guide to control structures in Fexl
Modularity Updated Thu 2023-08-17
Interfacing with C
Big numbers
Modular arithmetic
Opinionated programmiing
Template expansion
Standard library
Functional Components
Porting Fexl to Windows using WSL Updated Wed 2023-02-08