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Fri 2022-02-25

Restored fexl0 feature

I released version 26.12.0 this morning, which restores the "fexl0" feature to bypass the built-in src/main.fxl library. The comment on the eval_script routine in type_standard.c now reads as follows:

Evaluate the user's script. Read the script from the file named by argv[1] if present, or from stdin otherwise.

If this program is running as "fexl0", it runs your script directly. If it is running as "fexl", it first runs the local script "src/main.fxl", which then runs your script within an extended library context.

The purpose of "fexl0" is to give you the option of bypassing src/main.fxl altogether, defining any extensions beyond the built-in C standard context as you please.

In a future release I will make fexl0 the default behavior, so it always reads your script directly without loading any default library. Predefined libraries such as the current main.fxl will be provided in the lib directory so you can pull them in with a one-liner.

I am making this change because the one-size-fits-all approach to a standard library is a losing proposition. Eventually I might even factor out the currently built-in C functions into independent libraries loaded on demand. Then you could build an entirely separate C library, put it in your own directory somewhere, and load it from within Fexl. That would even give you the power to generate binary code on the fly and run it immediately.