Configuring a New Installation

Fexl does not automatically install in /usr/bin. You simply download Fexl into your own local directory and use it from there.

Let's say I've installed Fexl in my own ~/code/fexl directory. Now I want to make it convenient to run a simple command "fexl" from anywhere. Because I have "~/bin" in my PATH environment variable, I can put the script there.

First I do this:

cd ~/bin
touch fexl
chmod +x fexl
vi fexl

Then I put this into the script:

exec ~/code/fexl/bin/fexl "$@"

Alternatively, instead of using a script, you can use a shell alias:

alias fexl=~/code/fexl/bin/fexl

Testing the New Installation

To test this, I went into my own ~/tmp directory and created a "hello.fxl" file with this code in it:

say "Hello."

\show=(\list say (join " " list))

\list=(append ["f" "a" "c"] ["b" "d" "e"])
\list=(append list list)
\list=(append list list)

show list
show (sort list)
show (unique list)

Now I can run that script from anywhere, for example:

fexl tmp/hello.fxl

Here is the output:

f a c b d e f a c b d e f a c b d e f a c b d e 
a a a a b b b b c c c c d d d d e e e e f f f f 
a b c d e f

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